Tube Tuesday 2

Hey guys! It’s time for another Tube Tuesdayyy! One of my favorite things to put up in this blog every week where I share to everyone about the videos that I really liked in the previous week. I hope you liked these videos as much as I do as you watch them. God bless and may you have a good day! x

Why Lamps!? – nigahiga (I swear. This is one of the cutest and cheesiest videos I’d ever watched. It really made me aaaaawwww..)

I AM FLAWLESS – Connor Franta (I can’t do anything than to agreee with him. :))


CRAZY INTERNET TEST – Caspar Lee (this is also soo cute. :))

Singing with Helium – MarcusButlerTV (Laughtrip!)

On the TFIOS Movie Set – vlogborthers (This is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars!! So I can’t help myself than to fangirl!)

Youtuber Innuendo Bingo with Tyler Oakley -ThatcherJoe (This was supposed to be in my first Tube Tuesday but I forgot to include it. Funny though. :))




Any thoughts?

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