My RX Experience

Hey there everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted a blog and I’m pretty aware of that (haha).

The major reason why I haven’t posted new blog posts these previous weeks is because of the fact that I lost internet connection for more than two weeks (I guess). I know, I’m still trying to comprehend how did I managed to survive that period of my life. Apparently, I wasn’t able to upload new videos in my Youtube channel and updated this blog.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t like to center this whole blog post to the lost of my internet connection. Instead, I would like to share to you the epic experience I had during this no-internet-connection period of my life –my RX experience. 😀

My RX or Monster Radio RX 93.1 Experience started when our professor in one of my courses, Broadcast Programming, required us to come up with a research paper as our final requirement in her subject by interviewing the station manager of a radio or cable station. Apparently, since radio seems to be more fun over cable, we decided that we’ll be interviewing a station manager of a radio station, specifically, an FM station. Eventually, after having some conversations with my group mates, we decided that we will be interviewing the station manager of FM station, Monster Radio RX 93.1. Actually, I was the one who proposed the latter since I am a fan of their station and I really want to see in person how they broadcast and, of course, my favorite DJs.

Fast forward to the day of our interview, we arrived at the station 30 minutes ahead of our arranged interview with RX’s station manager, Louie Dizon. I really expected that we will be spending our wait at the station’s front desk because I thought the station doesn’t allow visitors to go to the radio booth. But when, Riza, the person whom I’m having communication with before our interview was settled, came in, she lead us to the radio booth and we spend the next hour listening and watching the DJs do their broadcast. Incidentally, when we came inside the radio booth, DJ Jay Abastillas and Karen Bordador were airing inside. (To be frank, I was really hoping that I can see Karen and fortunately, we did). We watched them how they do their job as DJs on-air and even asked for our names to be greeted on-air and a song request.

Honestly speaking, during that moment, I was already so happy because all things that were happening that time were all beyond my expectations plus the fact that this was my first time to visit a radio station and be greeted on-air. I was extremely fangirling inside. We even texted our blockmates to tune in to RX because of the fact that we will be greeted and our class section as well.

After being greeted on-air and heard our song request which is Everytime by Britney Spears, Riza came back inside, summoning us, because, apparently, Louie Dizon was already there and ready for the interview.

The interview part was also an experience to remember. Aside from the fact that you don’t get the chance to interview a person like Mr. Dizon everyday, it is an experience to remember because we learned A LOT from him –you know, things you don’t learn inside the four corners of the classroom and things that your professor also doesn’t know.

I really thought that the whole interview would be the type as a terror professor would view it but Mr. Louie Dizon proved us wrong and even spilled some jokes. Hahaha chubby bunny.

Nevertheless, I would really like to thank Mr. Dizon because, he did not only helped us in our requirement but also gave us an idea on how the real field would look and feel like. I would also like to commend him for the hard work he invests to RX because their station wouldn’t receive nine Global Dove Award from the Kapisanan ng Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) as the Best FM Station without the efforts of their station manager. (Seriously, when I saw their Global Dove trophies displayed inside the radio booth, I was so overwhelmed at their station. Clap clap clap!)

When our interview was finally over, I was really expecting that it was our time to go home and leave the station after we took some photo with Mr. Dizon for our documentation. But he once again surprised us and brought us again to the radio booth and saw Rico Robles and DJ Michelle airing their show Live Wire aka the only show that I listen from the beginning up to the end of their airing.

Frankly, I started to fangirl more because this is the moment that I’ve been thinking of since our professor announced that we will be interviewing a station manager and I can’t believe it was happening. And I have to be honest, the DJs look better in person than in photos and their voices were really original. God, that was my first time to experience being starstruck and fangirling at once.

And guess what happens next?

We got the chance to be greeted again on-air for the second time and this time by one of my favorite DJs, Rico.

I have to be honest once again, Rico was so really friendly in the booth that he even talked to us like were one of his friends. Beyond my expectations though.

After listening to their broadcast, we finally decided to leave the station which I think is the saddest part of my RX experience. But I swore to myself after getting out of the station’s door that I’m going to come back and be part of them one day (hopefully). Seriously, I really did have fun there that I want to go back soon.

So, there you go. This was my RX Experience which I’m hoping will have a part 2 because, seriously, it was sooo fun. I really did enjoyed my stay there that I even said that I’ll be applying for it  for my radio internship on my graduating year. :)))))

Cheers! xxx

*Sorry for the grained photo.



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