Updated 17 Perks and added two chapters! Go check it out. 😀

17 Perks

As Beth hinted us, the fair was packed by teenagers that is divided into two –lovers and groups of friends. The place was so packed that we have to park Andy’s car to the nearby gas station and squeeze ourselves against other sweaty bodies as we entered inside.

There were different booths and rides everywhere. There were the impossible-to-get-the-prize booths, the houses of terror and horror, the bumper car ride, the booths that makes fun of you when you stepped on the sign on the ground and dozens of food booths. I was so busy examining these things that I did not notice the people around me who are smiling as if they are watching an interesting scene until Andy grabbed my arm and a guy shorter than me walked towards me.

“What’s your name, miss?” the guy asked.

It took me a second to open my mouth and said…

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