One Year

Okay. This post may be probably a little late but I still want to share this amazing experience I had after a year.

On November 7, 2012, I uploaded a video in YouTube that has a title Andrea and Rhian Dale where I was basically talking about myself. Technically it’s a vlog and the initiation of my YouTube channel that I now call as Rhian Dale.

In the first few months of this channel, it underwent a lot of changes including the issue of naming it. As the creator of the channel, I did had a hard time finding the suitable name for it. I was looking of something catchy and would really grab the audience’s attention. Later on I came up with the ideas Andrea Aviado, which apparently came from my name, Andrea’s World that came from the thought that the channel should be all about how I view things and finally, Rhian Dale, which is my ideal screen name in the internet.

I have to be honest, it wasn’t the best name that I could think of but considering the fact that I want the channel to showcase my unseen talents, I decided to officially use it and name my channel as Rhian Dale.

After naming my channel, other issues came along the way as I ventured the succeeding months that Rhian Dale reached. There are the issues about garnering views, acquiring subscribers, competing with famous YouTube vloggers and of course, the issue of being unnoticed.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was hard and I am still encountering most of them today but gratefully and gladly, I overcame these things without giving up.

Last November 7, 2013, with a total of 34 videos and 91 subscribers, I realized that Rhian Dale had turned a year old. This fact made me look back at the year that passed and realized how long it has been since I first uploaded my vlog. I looked back at the things I did when I don’t have that enough knowledge in film making and thought that the year that had just passed taught me a lot of things such as bitter-sweet realizations and knowledge. I also realized that being a successful content creator at YouTube requires a lot of patience, work and effort.

But among these realizations that struck me, the best one, I guess, is when I realized that film making is also one of my unseen talents that I did not intend to showcase in my channel –the field that was so foreign to me before is now the field that I want to enter in future, the kind of hobby that I enjoy so much that I now consider it as a passion.

Though the channel did not garnered a lot of subscribers in the way I expect and want it, I’m still proud of what I have and reached. I can definitely say that I am not the Rhian Dale that was first seen in my first vlog –I am better and an improved version of it now. I am proud because I proved to myself that I should not fear in letting people hear my thoughts. I am proud because I acquired knowledge from this one-year experience and will be acquiring more in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Andrea Aviado known as Rhian Dale in the internet and join me as I celebrate this little milestone I achieved in the craziness of my life. Cheers! xx

Any thoughts?

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