2013 Best Bits

One final shot before 2013 ends!

Hi there! I know that it’s been a while since I last posted a blog and before the year even ends, let me prove myself again by reminiscing the highlights and best bits of my 2013.


Even before the last week of 2013 even arrived, I have already concluded that this year is all about meeting amazing people. Unlike last year which I have described as a year full of crazy experiences, this year made me meet new people that I must again say, amazing, in every way.


They’re amazing because they made me inspired, motivated and glad that they became part of my 2013 also known as the last year before I enter adulthood and, honestly, I really don’t know if this year would ever be the same if I haven’t met them.

Some of these amazing people that really made my 2013 were GMA7 writer, Ms. Suzette Doctolero that I met last February, Augustinian (or Augustin Ian haha I really don’t know his name) whose my YMCA Oratorical Contest opponent, Kuya Ralph Sonejo, the happy and friendly former president of YMCA-PUP, Ate Ara Gonzales, the lovely and hardworking president of Viva Voce, Harry slash Vance in this blog (I finally revealed his name haha) that made me feel the rush, Brylle and Alejandro, the amazing actors who portrayed the roles of Matthew and John respectively in my special project, Kuya Yellow Shirt, who made my hands cold while I was riding the jeepney on the way home, Mr. Sherman So, the talented director of photography of the MMFF movie, “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy” that helped us get through during the first three days of our production and many other amazing people that will take an hour long to enumerate them all.

Aside from the people that I’ve met,  there are other amazing things that made my 2013 and to show them all to you, I decided to rank them based on how big its impacts are to me.

Best Flicks

1. Haunter


This Canadian mystery film really shocked and made me inspired with regards to my film making passion. The film stunned me with its impressive cinematography as well as the oh-my-god story of the movie. This film is so good that I already placed it in my list of my all-time favorite movies. ♥

2. The Social Network


I’m really uncertain if I placed this movie in this list because Andrew Garfield is in it (kidding haha). I just love everything about this movie. Though I was expecting something more at the end, the movie is so much better compared to the Jobs movie, honestly speaking. I did love the acting of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie who is Jesse Eisenberg that it made me realize that Mark is really insensitive in real life. This movie is amazing. 🙂

3. Safe Haven and Monsters University

safe_haven         monsters-university-poster

These two movies tied in my list because I don’t know which of these two deserves most in the third slot in my 2013 best flicks.

I loved Safe Haven because I seriously and literally had a 2-day hangover from this movie after watching this. I guess that was an effect of not reading the book first. Nevertheless, I think the movie was perfect and it really gave me the creeps.

Monsters University, on the other hand, proved to me that the years of waiting after the last premiere of Monster Inc. in theaters was worthy. God, the movie was absolutely perfect especially for kids. It made my heart go back to my kid days. :))

Best Songs

1. Royals – Lorde

I doubt that you did not have a last song syndrome (LSS) after listening to this song. I just really love this song from its roots up to Lorde’s head. The song’s message is really clear and, I have to be honest, it made me realize of things. It’s PERFECT!

2. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake

Mirrors is also one of those songs that really made my 2013. If you’re going to ask me, I had a month of hangover after listening to this song before finally moving on. The lyrics were well-written and the 8-minute long of listening to this is worthy.

3. Clarity – Zedd featuring Foxes

This is the song that initiated my fascination over electronic dance music and probably the song that took me the longest time to recover from. What can I further say? Zedd is genius when it comes to this.

Best 2013 Moments 

1. Meeting the Monster Radio RX Air Staff in September (You don’t know how I fangirled in front of my favorite DJs haha)

IMG_20131002_220109   IMG_20131002_220036


2. Our 3-day Shoot at Laguna for our Drama Anthology in December (So far the best shooting I’ve attended :)))



3. Our 4-day Shoot at Batangas for our Music Video Production in January ( This was also fun. I almost died in this shooting haha no seriously)



4. Officially became a YouTube Partner in March (YESSSS! WOOHOO!!)



5. Meeting Ms. Suzette Doctolero in February ( I feel so honored for meeting a person like her. :))



6. My Summer 2013 in April (You can watch my summer 2013 vlog at my  YouTube channel :))

SUMMER     gogog


7. One Year in YouTube and Vlogging in November ( Can you believe it?! Haha)


8. YMCA Competition in July ( My first time to actually compete outside the campus. Memorable though :)))


9. Post- 17th Birthday Celebration with the Seasons in May (Crazy day with these people. Love them. ♥ )




And that ends my 2013 Best Bits. I am really looking forward for a better and happier one next year. :))

I’ll see you all again next year and may you have a happy NEW YEAR! 🙂


Any thoughts?

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