A Destiny

During the first few months of the year, this blog has been silent for quite a long time that probably caused some of its followers to wonder where I have been and what am I doing. My YouTube channel, as well, has been quiet since October and haven’t uploaded any video in the preceding months.

Basically, my netizen life started to lie low when the year started and kudos to my university duties for causing all of these. For that, I apologize to my regular readers and viewers.

But despite of that fact and same with what happened last year during the same time of the year, I did not exchange my precious netizen life into something isn’t worthy. I exchanged it into something that further added to the list of my life experiences and, frankly, I am dubious whether these experiences would happen if it wasn’t for the last semester of my second year. It may have brought tons of stress and problems but I, then realized that all of these efforts, hardwork and suffering were all worth it at the end.

Apparently, I am referring to one of our productions that I’m proud of, not just because I am the director of it but it is the product of sleepless nights, tired days, stress, quarrels, hardwork, ridiculousness and financial stress of the people behind it –specifically, the people of Haraya Productions. 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you, Kismet.




The pre-production of Kismet started during the half of November 2013. Headed by Tricia Salcedo along with her fellow co-writers Glizel Bandola, Ruzzel Quitoriano and former Haraya writer, Charlyn Mangulabnan. Mangulabnan, however, eventually left Haraya productions during the production stage due to unstated reasons.

The script was firstly finished during the first week of December 2013 and finished revision for filming on the first week of January 2014.


The casting for the roles in Kismet took place after the day the script was finished. Due to the limits given to us by our professor such as the characters that will be involved should come from our production staff and we should only acquire actors from outside the campus up to two persons only, we asked all the members of Haraya Productions to audition for the roles of Nessa, Matthew, Lauren, John and Eunice. Eventually, only the roles of Nessa, Lauren and John were the roles cast after this audition.

On the second day of audition, the roles of Matthew and Eunice were cast next.

However, during the filming stage, Lyrica De Ade, the executive producer, decided to have a last-minute change of actors for the roles of Matthew and Eunice due to some conflicts encountered along the way.

Eventually, Abegail Alcala, Jeffrey Anog, Joy Tayogandaga, Alejandro Cruz and Chrisnel Ecoben were cast for the roles of Nessa, Matthew, Lauren, John and Eunice respectively.



The first three days of shooting proper of Kismet happened during the third week of December 2013 at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The process continued to January of the following year up to the third week of February that involved the locations in the cities of Paranaque, Quezon, Pasig and Manila.



Kismet premiered in the lobby of the PUP-College of Communication building on March 6, 2014. Later on, it was uploaded in YouTube on March 11 of the same year.

Any thoughts?

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