Vimeo Favorites

Okay, so if you’re following me on twitter, you have probably seen the series of tweets containing links about the videos that I really fancy on Vimeo. And, I have to be honest, majority of the things from this website are awesome. In case, you aren’t aware of Vimeo, I suggest that you check it out because it is a haven for filmmakers, aspiring filmmakers or people who just love watching videos and short films —good videos and short films.

And these good videos and short films includes the following that made me wonderstruck with its almost to perfection concept, cinematography, shots, animation, design and impact.

Finding Welkin 

welkinDespite of the busy lives that people here on earth have, this video was able to decipher the things common to all of us, which I find astonishing because it is the last thing that a person can realize and, apparently, this is the reason why I put this video in the list.


Set No Path

setnopathSet No Path is just one of those short films that reminisce those adolescent nostalgia that wishes you to bring up the past and relive it, and its unpredictable ending that proved the real essence of having true friends.

This is probably one of the best things I’ve seen in my life :’)


Audrey Louise Reynolds, A Fashionable Selby Film

audreyJust when you thought that we got the best out of fashion, Audrey Reynolds proved to everyone that fashion and creativity isn’t only limited inside the factory and warehouse, it can also be located in nature –just waiting to be discovered. It’s amazing cinematography is also one of the things that made this short documentary stunning to my eyes.


Tiny Worlds

tiny worldCute and really creative –these are the only things that I could say for this little video. It’s really amazing to think that people can think of creative ways to create a story out from these tiny little spaces that most Londoners overlook.


Tired of Swimming

swimOne of the best things that animation have done. Its almost surrealistic concept of the story is what made me include this in my favorites. (Frankly, the fish scared me though because of its appearance.)


MTV VMA 2013 – The Mill

vmaIf I was able to watch the VMAs last year, I’m pretty sure that I would’ve adored the design and concept of their audio-visual presentation because after watching this, I felt like all the concepts of design just slapped me on the face because of its beauty. Amazing graphics and design. Love this! :))


LE CHOCOLAT – Alain Ducasse

chocolatCinematography at its best! Mouth-watering video for all chocolate lovers like me.



eaterI wouldn’t act as if I’m one of those trying-to-be-brave people while watching horror movies, this actually scared me at the first time that even made me ask myself, “Why am I even watching this?!” This is an epitome of proper scoring. 🙂


ROSE by Carte Noire

petitAnd finally, one of my all-time favorites, ROSE by Carte Noire. This video advertisement of a French bakeshop makes me want to walk to the nearest store and buy a pack of cream puffs. Amazing photography and design! I love everything about this. :))


But aside from those wonderful products of filmmaking, I found this video that really made my heart for filmmaking jumped in hooray because, God, I want to touch those equipments even just for a while.

So here’s a video about the cameras that Hollywood production houses use in filming to get that invigorating shots.

Moving Camera



So there you go. Here are my current Vimeo favorites. Bear with me as I update this amazing list of videos and short films very soon! 😀

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