Unexpected Stumble

I’m aware of the fact that I just recently posted an entry regarding my current favorites in Vimeo but after watching these videos, I just can’t help myself but to itch and share to you guys these stunning videos that I unexpectedly stumbled upon in the aforementioned site.

If my last post contains videos and short films that are almost perfect, this next set of videos that I will present is definitely pure perfection and suits best, with my blog’s content which is about film, photography, design and adventure.


Spider Drove a Taxi (NY Op-Doc)

Untitled-3Though this is not mainly a film, its stunning cinematography is the reason why this video caught my eye. It is visually stunning in every way that you will surely regret if you’re not going to check this out. So gorgeous!



Chicago: The Great American City

Untitled-4 It’s like a picture that is moving! (–a.k.a. a motion picture haha) This video is like the motion picture version of all those shots taken by professional photographers in Instagram. Flawless. I love everything about this. ♥



Butterfly – The Short Film

Untitled-5When I was I watching the initial parts of this video, I was expecting something very different with what concept it has. Frankly, I find it surreal. But when I reached the ending…PERFECT! I never thought that this video is literally about a butterfly with an “outrageous design”. (Check out this video if you really want to know with what I mean with “outrageous design”.) I was just shocked on how good the output that After Effects can create if you are legitimately knowledgeable about the software. So amazing ♥


Untitled-1Another thing under my Design list is this little video called Shape. What I really fancy about this video is the point of realization that it wants its audience to comprehend. It may just look like a typical video at the beginning but it is not. 🙂



Welcome to the End of the World

Untitled-2And finally, Welcome to the End of the World. A MUST-SEE. This is the kind of experience that I want when I refer to the word adventure. Plus, the fact that this is not just a typical adventure.


Any thoughts?

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