Life in Motion

My favorite videos from Vimeo this week all have one thing in common…the different facets of life. Frankly, after watching these, I was inspired with what life can bring more to me and realized that I should be lucky with some things that I have.


Same but Different –Theo’s Story    theo' storyThis documentary, that even won an Emmy’s, tackles the life of a boy named Theo and how he manages to have and live a normal life with his special condition. This is the video that made me realize that, though I am facing some obstacles in life, I am still very lucky.


Stop Telling Women to Smile smileAnother documentary film about women who are harassed in the streets of New York and how they built an advocacy to halt these kind of discrimination.


Street Angel  street angelA documentary film that tells about a story of a woman that believes that she can talk to angels.


Making the News

ed mitchellMaking the news is, as well,  another documentary film about Ed Mitchell,  former BBC, Reuters and ITN TV journalist who lost everything back in 2007 and how he managed to keep up with the roaring waves of life.


THE GAP by Ira Glass tasteThis is the video that is really hard for my part to describe because words are not enough to describe the inspiration that it did to me when I watched it. But basically, it is about that burning passion inside of us  and the patience it requires us to fully develop it. I don’t know, just click the photo above if that did not make any sense to you.


Still Life  still lifeAmong the aforementioned videos, this is probably the one that differs because I chose this video because I was stunned with the excellent use of stop-motion in it and cinematography. But nevertheless, it still tells about the different walks of life documented in the film in the busy life of New York City.

Any thoughts?

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