“Uy, direk!…”

I think you should thank the person who said this to me because without her I wouldn’t have posted anything related to my birthday countdown post series.

Apparently, this is my second post that’ll reminisce my life in the passed 17 years and in this one, I’ll be talking about the various dream jobs that I wanted throughout the years.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is one of the most common questions of adult to little kids like me when I was 4 years old.

Frankly, if I was able to reason out logically before at this tender age, I would have answered that I’m still too young to think about what’s going to happen in the future. But just like those other children who know nothing but the typical careers that they see in cartoon shows such as a teacher, a nurse, a policeman etc., I answered that I want to be a doctor.

Being a doctor isn’t bad, right? You treat patients and look professional. I never realized before how bad this dream was until I knew that it will take you 10 years to finish medical school before officially becoming a doctor.

2008: I was fascinated with stars.

After graduating from grade school in 2008, I decided that I want to be an astronomer.

I want to become like one because I realized that I love science and I am good at it. Furthermore, I really really want to further study about the stars, other planets and the universe. I even checked out institutions here in the Philippines that offer astronomy-related courses and hoped that maybe I can attend one in the future.

Nevertheless, today, I consider myself as a fool for wishing to become an astronomer because science’s heart (as well as astronomy’s heart) is mathematics and, apparently, that is the subject where I am very rubbish at and least excel. And I don’t like numbers.

But I still like stars.

I wonder how will I look like wearing those NASA’s astronaut suit, though.

Andrea: The Singer/Songwriter

Believe it or not, it did occur to me the dream of being a singer/songwriter. Kudos to Taylor Swift for influencing me.

It was during the rise of Taylor Swift’s career when this aspiration entered into my mind. Of course, she was so popular back then that I really look up and hope to become like her. Plus, I’m only 13 years old at that time so I would like to ask forgiveness to my current 17 year-old self for having such a ridiculous dream. I consider this more ridiculous when I realized that I don’t have a talent for singing (a talent for singing in the bedroom and in the bathroom maybe).

And because of this dream, would you believe that I was able to wrote 10+ songs at this stage of my life? I still have the copies of it that I kept along with my other files in the university and I don’t think I’ll have a plan of sharing it nowadays because it is probably one of the worst things that I did to literature.

Maybe being a newscaster isn’t bad?

From the dream of being a doctor, to the dream of being an astronomer, to have a ridiculous dream to become a singer  up to the dream of being a broadcast journalist –I can’t understand myself.

I never saw myself before as the person in our television who’s talking and sharing the news of the day to thousands of people in front of their TVs. I really never expected that I’m going to choose an undergraduate course related to the mass and communication, mainly, because I was the very shy-type student. It always makes me nervous when the teacher asks me to stand up and recite or discuss my assigned report to my classmates. In other words, speaking in front of many people wasn’t my forte before. Not until my English teacher in junior year asked me to join an extemporaneous speaking contest that changed my perspective about talking in front of the public.

Apparently, the latter initiated my public speaking career in high school that eventually prompted me and influenced my decision on which undergraduate program should I take in college.

And here I am now. Currently in my third year pursuing my bachelor’s degree in broadcast communication. (Can you believe it? Life can be pretty funny sometimes.)

2014: I think I like being called as “Direk”.

During my second year of studying broadcast communication, I was given the chance to direct a drama anthology that, once again, changed my ideal career for future.

Believe it or not, I never expected (again) that I would like to become a director. All I knew is that, film making is a very interesting field and kudos to my favorite YouTube vlogger, Jack Harries, who introduced the field to me, I eventually liked and became fascinated with it.

I was very stunned on how films and TV shows are done behind the camera that, in the end, I just found myself aspiring to be one of those filmmakers –maybe a suitable career for me because, like what I mentioned before, I am rubbish at math.

Furthermore, my passion for aesthetics can fulfill one of the demands for being a director, which is the passion I consider as a hobby. (Seriously, during my spare time even when I was a kid, I love making art such as drawing random things and I do really observe arrangements and designs that will look good to the eye. I may not know it until now but I think I like pleasing the eye.)

Also, my attitude of being the person who lives the cliche saying, “What I want is what I get” can also be one of my further reasons for this aspiration. I want things to get along with my way but in a positive one.


“To become a director” I’ll take note of that as the last dream job that I want in this current period of my life. I’m just only going to turn 18 and I don’t know what other crazy careers would I think for myself in the future. But I do have a feeling that the destined career for me is not far from my current aspiration to become a film director or maybe being a film director is my destined job (I hope so). But no matter what job do I land in the near future, I just only have one wish for it and that is to become successful that I know wouldn’t be possible without perseverance, hard work and faith. 🙂

Any thoughts?

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