Earth’s 24/7 Live Stream

Live streaming video by Ustream
If you think that only earthlings has the ability to do live streaming nowadays, you thought wrong because this year, Earth proved to us that it can also do one 24/7.

By typing into your browser’s URL bar or by clicking the play button in the embedded video above, you can easily gain access to the live stream showcasing the view of the Earth from space.

The aforementioned streaming is available 24/7 and provides the view of sunrise/sunset of a particular facet of the Earth for every 45 minutes. Viewers can occasionally hear conversations that is caused by the crew and the Mission Control talking to each other. Furthermore, the live video also provides spectacular views of lighting and city lights of the Earth.

This live video streaming is brought by the International Space Station and first became available last April 18th.


This is awesome, you know. Here are some screen shots from the 24/7 live stream. 🙂



cool cool1

Any thoughts?

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