Most Embarrassing Confessions

DISCLAIMER: If you’re a person who knows me in real life, I suggest that you do not read this blog post to retain your perspective about me.

In my third post for my birthday countdown post series, I’ll reminisce some of my most embarrassing moments in my 17 years of existence that I haven’t opened to anyone ever (except for my mother who always sees the outcome whenever I get home). These are the moments in my life that I’m too embarrassed to share to anyone or too embarrassing and slightly non-human to be shared to other people.

(*Please don’t laugh at me after reading this.)

1. I pooped in my uniform during 6th grade.

This is probably the most embarrassing moment in the passed 17 years in my life and I never admitted to my classmates this humiliating thing I’ve done even though they are already accusing me of such thing.

Before this horrible thing happened, I was already feeling unwell with my stomach during our Home Economics class but because I’m very shy to interrupt our teacher with her discussion, I refrained myself from excusing myself to class and just decided to hold the poop that was about go out from me. The class wasn’t over yet when I lost the control of holding it together and…BOOM!

When the period was finally over, I can not stand from my seat because if I do, the whole class will know that I just pooped in my uniform and, apparently, I can not handle such kind of humiliation so I just decided that I’ll just go wash myself in the restroom after all of my classes were done.

Unfortunately, while waiting for our next subject teacher, the people around me started to smell something bad (which is my poop), thus, they decided to look for it and eventually they caught me. The whole experience got more worse when the biggest teaser in the class, who is also sitting near beside me, started to accuse and tease me. Of course, just like what I have said before, I did not admit that I was the one who is smelling bad because of my poop and just pretended, instead, that he was teasing me because he got nothing to do. (I used my acting skills here. Hehe) Everyone around me was looking at me with accusation in their eyes but I just ignored it. But deep inside, I was very guilty of making them suffer with such smell especially to my seatmate who, I think, still believes that I wasn’t the one who pooped. (I’m still lucky in that part.)

However, during the next class period, I became uncomfortable with the poop in my butt and, of course, with its smell, thus, after finishing my seat work, I finally stood up bravely (specifically in front of the biggest teaser in the class), walked towards our teacher and excused myself from class for a while. Fortunately, she allowed me and started walking fast to the restroom.

On my way to the restroom, I did not take the corridor since I am afraid that other people outside the class may smell the horrible smell coming from me. So I took the way outside going to the restroom and walked as fast as I can.

When I finally reached the place that I consider heaven that time, I quickly removed my underwear and, Jesus Christ, realized that it was the worst moment of my life. It got more worst when I realized that I don’t have extra underwear. Eventually, because of my frustration to clean this whole mess up, I washed my arse using the water in the toilet bowl since (unfortunately) the sink’s faucet wasn’t working and also washed my underwear using the same water. Luckily, (I can’t believe that I’m still lucky that time) there was a soap in the sink so I washed my underwear using it. In the end, I went home without my underwear.


2. I accidentally shown my underwear in front of many people after falling accidentally on the ground during 1st grade.

When it comes to embarrassing moment, I think the embarrassment-caused-by-underwear-kind loves me so much.

So this embarrassing moment happened when my classmate and I bought some food in the cafeteria and was on our way back to class. The cafeteria is surrounded my low benches around it, where students can eat their snacks. It’s height is just small enough for me to hop on it that when I tried to do the same thing at that time, I accidentally failed on letting my other foot land on the ground and let my face almost hit the ground. The scenario got worse when I realized that my skirt unveiled my underwear and there were some high school guys laughing at me from behind. I did not dare to show my face to them and just stood up and started walking away as if nothing happened. Eventually, I got home with a big wound in the front my leg above the ankle.



P.S.: I hope you did not laugh at me or if you’re the rebel person who knows me in real life and still read this post, screw you. I hope your perspective about me did not change. Ahaha.




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  1. This got me LOLing! I had a soooo same experience like your first confession. What’s worse is I’m sitting beside my crush and I swear I wanted to be a bubble that could burst at that moment. xD


    1. Oh my god this is embarrassing. Bakit ito yung binasa mo? HAHAHAHA nasa kailaliman na to ah HAHAHAHA jk


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