May Favorites (Week 1 of Awesomeness)

After a week of not updating my favorite videos, I am back again to share to you guys my most favorite videos for the first week of May that I really adore so much out of the many videos I had watched. Here there are and enjoy!

1. B-Class Cultural Heritage

This short film from Japan that won Audience Award for Best International Short Film in this year’s Florida Film Festival tackles about the encounter of a guy with the B-Class Cultural Heritage –an organization that protects and preserves the cultural artifacts of Japan. Watch this to be stunned with its amazing concept, cinematography,  direction, grading and editing. One of the best things I’ve seen in my life.

2. JohnnyExpress

This fun and creative video is another epitome of “animation at its best”. Its light yet good story concept and its cute little purple aliens made this animation a whole lot better. I wonder why the people behind this aren’t in Pixar yet.

3. VIETNAM – Dream Trip Movie

This travel documentary video from JC Prieri stands out against its other competitors as it did not only cover the amazing places found in Vietnam but as well as the people who make it, that fully brought the color of Vietnam to a whole new level. Its amazing color grading and shots made this video outstanding compared to the typical travel documentary video.

Any thoughts?

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