Film Review | Telenobela ni Juan at Luzviminda & Hanapbuhay

Telenobela ni Juan at Luzviminda and Hanapbuhay are two featured short films in the ABS-CBN News Channel special , amBisyon 2010.  The aforementioned films were premiered last March 2010 and tackled about the assumed state of democracy and population of the Philippines, respectively, after the national elections of the same year.


Visually led  by the seasoned and veteran actor, Joel Torre, I think, the entire special became more credible and had greater impacts to its audience.  AmBisyon 2010 became more appealing with the excellent use of black and white backgrounds when Torre speaks with a serious tone, thus, giving the audience the feeling of the importance of listening to the speaker’s words.

Furthermore, the special featured the behind-the-scenes and thoughts of the filmmakers about the assigned theme to them under amBisyon 2010 which I found disturbing in terms of the technical aspects of the interview. I find the latter disturbing because the camera keeps on making unnecessary movements while the subject talks, shifting the audience attention on the movement rather on the speaker, which, what I apparently felt. If the movement was a technique of the filmmaker of making the interview interesting and credible enough, I don’t think it is effective enough compared to filming with a stationary camera. But aside from that facet of the stylistic element of the special, I think amBisyon 2010 is wonderfully crafted.


Going to the deeper part of the special, Telenobela ni Juan at Luzviminda is an epitome of the ideas of creativity and artistic. The whole film is very good starting from its form, content up to the impact it left to the audience. Plus, I really fancy the idea that the filmmakers chose an actor that has a natural curly hair to portray the role of Juan that, I think, effectively shown the true appearance of Filipinos.

However, as hinted by the words ‘very good’ , I don’t think that the film is excellent because of some things that I noticed in its stylistic element which is apparently manifested by the graphics itself. Frankly, I wasn’t that really impressed with the graphics though it can still work to capture the attention of kids but not as effective to young adults like me. Moreover, I think the filmmaker’s idea of having close up shots of Juan and Luzviminda at the beginning is not a great one because it aroused a question about the relevance of their faces to the whole story as well as it looks very uncomfortable. As far as I know, all the things that will be seen in the screen should have at least a relevance or relation to the whole story. And clearly, I don’t think that there is a problem with Juan and Luzviminda’s faces.

If I would be rating the Telenobela ni Juan at Luzviminda, I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


Another featured film in amBisyon 2010 is Hanapbuhay, which I frankly prefer over the first one. One of the reasons for this judgement is its natural depiction on how majority of the Filipinos live outside the screen. Due to this fact, the film is very relatable and easy to understand especially when the audience reach the ending. Furthermore, the humor that it brings is very commendable that I think this is one of the short films that I will truly remember as time passes by. Moreover, the involvement of cheated expectation in its form made this film really good. As a fan of this kind of formal expectation, I was really stunned with how the filmmaker crafted the concept, narrative element and most especially its form, which is really effective and unique. In line with this,  I would like to give laud to the idea of the moving symbol or the main character. I think the involvement of the main character’s clothes made the concept and form more beautiful and have greater impact at the end.  Plus, the casting of main lead,  portrayal of action, cinematography, photography and other things involved under the film’s stylistic element were all good.

Hence, I’ll give this film a set of  5 big shiny stars out of 5. 😀

Any thoughts?

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