I’ll Tell You My Secret

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pro when it comes to giving life advices but I would just like to share the secret that I have that may help others in the situation.

Many people often and mistakenly think that I am good at “everything”. Well, guess what? I’m not.

I am a stress-eating human being that is full of flaws and insecure with every good thing that other people have.  So I don’t get the reason why people tell me that I’m “good enough”.  I often feel awkwardness when people give me special treatments such as them giving an effort to clap their hands at something I did because I know in thyself that I am only doing what I am supposed to do.

Perhaps, they are referring to the “way” on how I deal with things –on how I manage to get the best out of it. I’m not totally saying that all these things that I have done before were best but what I’m trying to say here includes finishing tasks before the deadline and such.

My answer is… enjoy what you are doing.

Sounds very common but, frankly, believe it or not, it’s the secret –it’s my secret recipe.

Life is so short and you’re never going to be this young again so make the best out of your time. Whether it is your passion or doing something that you least thought of doing, enjoy it.

Okay, I know the last one sounds hard to do but what I’m trying to say here is look for a facet of that something that you really dislike and try to gradually enjoy it. It will be difficult at the beginning but when you become used to it, you’ll realize that you’ve made the right decision.

An epitome of this is how I dislike math. I really really hate math especially when I don’t get the goddamned correct answers and get consecutive zeros in four consecutive quizzes in high school. But when I realized that I have no other choice than to have a face-to-face battle with my enemy, I decided to grab my pen and calculator and deal with the shit. I helped myself by studying the lessons when I get home over and over again until I finally know how to solve that particular problem in that math lesson. Then, that’s when the enjoyment comes.Your new acquired knowledge replaces the disappointment that you’ve felt before and you’ll realize, eventually, that you are enjoying it.

This is the same feeling that I felt after mastering these series of lessons in my Logic class in college.  I had two failed exams before I finally enjoyed and appreciate the essence of the course. I can’t believe that I even got a perfect score in that final exam.

Moreover, you can further enjoy doing a certain task when you don’t consider it as a task itself or a job.

I often have this perception when I feel exhausted and stressed out with the tons of problems that I face everyday.  I consider every task and requirement that are given to me as a play time if it includes one of my passions and an initiation of new experiences in life if it is something I dislike.

Due to this enjoyment, you’ll notice at the end that you are finishing tasks and requirements before the deadlines.

Same as to playing your favorite video game, when you enjoy it, you accomplish something good or if you really did enjoy it, the best. I believe that the same thing will happen if applied to the various things that human beings do in their lives within the 24 hours of the day.

Enjoying things does really have a great difference compared to the outcomes of works without joy. Thus, if you really want to achieve the best, I suggest that you enjoy doing it and forget all the competitions involved in it. 🙂

Any thoughts?

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