Tormented Hand | A Challenge Accepted

The Challenge:

 Imagine two cars collide at a junction. It is up to you decide how bad the accident is, who are in the cars and what happen to them.

 But first you must explain who the people are and how the cars came to be in the same time. Then decide whether the incident marks the beginning of your story or characterizes the end.


The Challenge Accepted:

P.S. Please don’t take this literally para ma-achieve yung impact. Sayang naman. Haha.


It has already been a rough day for Mang Pepito though the day hasn’t even reached noon time. He is quietly sitting in front of the steering wheel while driving along in the dusty streets of V. Mapa. His taxi is covered in silence and his eyes reflect the trees above him as his maneuvered vehicle passes by. Together with these are his thoughts about his daughter’s directed words toward him 45 minutes ago.

Ciara is getting tired with her life. At the age of 18, she doesn’t know how further worse her life would be in the future –loveless; physically unattractive; almost friendless. She thought these things don’t matter before as long as she got her mom. That was before. Mom is currently the word that she gradually starts to loathe now.

“You know what? If I could choose my father, I wouldn’t choose you and I WOULD NOT want to have a father like you!” these words keep ringing inside Mang Pepito’s head over and over again and every repetition stings more painful than the preceding one. A tear tried to run down from his right eye but he managed to close his eyes that made it prevent from falling. He then concentrates on the road.

“I used to look up at her,” Ciara whispers to her reflection on the bus’ window as she goes back to memory lane. She can feel her ironed uniform starting to get creases from her slouch position while leaning on the window.

Ciara never realized how vain her mother’s plans were. She used to believe that her mom was the best but then she realized that her mom only wants “the best” in her. She believed that she can benefit from these plans until she finally thought that her mother doesn’t really want to make her happy –she only wants to make herself happy.

Mang Pepito is aware of the fact and reason that triggered her daughter to say such words to his face. He is aware of the fact that he did not become as the best father that his daughter expects him to be. He knows the reason why her daughter would not want a man like him to become her father.

“Who would like a father who used to save hundred thousands of pesos for the education of his children and withdraw it all to fulfill the needs of his mistress? Who would want a father like me who cannot even give enough food to his wife and children?!” Mang Pepito muttered to himself while feeling the flow of tears on his cheeks that he wasn’t able to halt anymore.

“You should help my nephew so they can finish their studies as well. You should give half of your salary to me when you first got paid. You should not use this money originally allotted for your college education so we can have our own money to buy medicines when we get sick and old. You should…you should…” These words keep echoing back and forth inside Ciara’s head. She badly wants to talk to her mother and shout at her face that she also wants to be happy. She doesn’t want to become like her cousin who forgot to build a family of her own because she never stopped working for her parents. Ciara wants to have someone who will take care of her when she becomes sick and old just like what her mother wants. But it seems her mother’s mind is closed to the perception that she should make her happy.

Out of nowhere, the phone clasped in Ciara’s hand started vibrating, hinting that it has received a new text message from someone –specifically from her best friend. It bears the words “Where are you? We’re about to start the exam. Hurry up!” as she reads before she badly hit her head at the back of the bus chair in front of her.

It was the worst head hit she ever got in her life followed by hitting her head against a big wall when she was eight. Apparently, the bus driver made an abrupt break after a smooth drive from the last bus station.

Taken aback from what happened and gradually recovering from the dizziness she felt after the hit, Ciara did not immediately realize the happenings around her surroundings. All she knows is that the people inside the bus are all starting to get out while mumbling these words that she can’t decipher due to the extreme dizziness that she feels. She also sees the people outside starting to gather around the bus wearing the faces of worried and shocked people.

Finally having the strength to get up from her seat, Ciara starts to gradually walk in the aisle before reaching the front where she sees a taxi almost crumpled like a paper in front of the bus. She then gets out of it and sees all the people surrounding the bus staring at one direction. Ciara looks at their gaze and saw a body of a man lying on the ground covered in blood. Without further ado she walks towards it and notices the photo clasped in his left hand. She looks closer at the picture before two traffic officers drag her away from the body.

Ciara still can’t hear anything and uncertain with what the people around her say when she was being dragged but she is very certain and it is very clear to her that the child in the photo wearing a toga and a graduation cap in the man’s hand looks a lot like her when she was five years old.

And what makes her wonder is that she did not feel anything.

Little did she know that this is only the start of her new life.

Any thoughts?

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