Andrea’s Picks: Storytelling

Some of you may probably be getting bored with my recent photography and school related stuff that I post here  every week. Well, I also do feel the same way towards my posts. And for that reason, I decided to compile my most favorite shorts that I have watched throughout these passed few weeks that inspired and amused me the most.

These are just some of the shorts that I really admire because of its great storytelling.

The Model is my most most favorite among my favorite shorts of the previous weeks.

I just really fancy the fact that the video just used the long portrait shot in telling its story.

Typically, the long portrait is probably the most boring shot because it does not require any movement of the camera and all you can hear is just purely a voice over of the actor. But this video, despite the disadvantages of this shot, showed that the long portrait can be a powerful tool for telling a story.

No wonder why this short won as the challenge winner in Vimeo.

I think I saw this video from Raindance’s website.

Actually, when I first read about the description of the writer to this video, I knew that I want to watch it. And eventually, it did not fail me.

The story concept is so simple yet the impact and the arousal of the emotion from the audience, as for me, is really impressive.

I wish I can make a film that is as short as this but has this dumbfounding impact.

If you’re going to ask me to give a word to describe this short, it’s going to be “so cool”. That’s two words though.

I find the concept of this short really cool and unique. I mean, man, I wish I can see numbers in real life.  And the way how it told its story throughout the entire film is really amazing.

I don’t know. Just watch it dude.


Any thoughts?

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