Recently, aside from my usual hobby of sketching, I make use of my spare time by designing, specifically, interior designing.

Just to make things clear, I am not an interior designing student nor a student of any design course. I just really like and enjoy designing interior of houses or any kind of establishments. I’m guessing that the latter was probably because of my exposure in the simulation game, The Sims, in my early childhood days wherein, apparently, the player gets to design their own house and I was able to bring this interest up to the present.

With the aid of a free and online 3D designing website called Room Styler, I can create my own interior design plus get a 3D photo of it. This is the main reason why this website became my favorite and would make it to the list of my month’s favorites if ever I’ll make one.

In case you haven’t heard of Room Styler, you can check out their website here where they provide not only the 3D planner which I use in designing but as well as good designs of other designers in the Room Styler community.

As I have been blurting out in the earlier part of this post, here are some of my favorite designs that I did using Room Styler and some description regarding each design.

1. “Lofty and Ravishing”


For everyone’s information, the name of the design has nothing to do with the design of this simple apartment (nevertheless, I’m still calling it Lofty and Ravishing). Lofty and Ravishing is the latest modern interior design that I made, mainly showing the kind of style that I would adapt if I will have an apartment somewhere in New York City or Paris. And yes, as mentioned, the design was inspired by modern apartments found in the City that Never Sleeps and the City of Love.

Pj2mqFS1rkF86Wso.jpg_640x480_q85 diy7QFA_cjX_zaT4.jpg_640x480_q85

The design also features a modern day wardrobe where clothes are not placed inside the cabinet but are hung in the same way on how clothes in shops are displayed as well as a tiny bedroom as inspired by the trending tiny rooms as apartments in Paris.

2. L.A. House

6faaVf1Zejo5ejWS YL2Ud69mSivk1XWe.jpg_640x480_q85

The L.A. House is the kind of house that I imagine owning in Los Angeles. The design features the minimalist style using circle windows, white walls and minimalist stairs. The house is workaholic-friendly which means the house style suits best for someone who rarely stays at home or only can be seen in the house during weekends or holidays. As you may have notice, it lacks a dining area which I, however, incorporated into the kitchen making the kitchen island the dining table as well.

gFdBVKBq1ah71Yck R4JwAQzUkhzhgYns

The house also has a back door which serves as an entrance to the enchanting garden. And a gold mannequin which serves as my improvised Oscar trophy if ever I will not win one. 

3. COC Lobby

eJ0SRSLnwiGV6cp7.jpg_640x480_q85 U5Uw87MGTjevqI5B.jpg_640x480_q85

If I can renovate and re-design my Alma mater’s lobby, I would redesign it into something like above. This design features a minimalist and modern version of the COC lobby including high ceilings, modern stairs and wide windows. At the entrance of the building, people will immediately notice the big logo attached to the wall opposite to them signifying the unique atmosphere of COC. Furthermore, from the lobby, people would easily see the lecture halls in the second floor of the building. Benches are also placed so students can have a place to sit and stay during their vacant hours.

Here are some of my favorite interior designs that I made so far. If you want to see my previous and latest designs you can follow me on Room Styler here. 🙂

Any thoughts?

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