Movies for the Year

Apparently, it’s becoming a tradition for me to review all the things that have happened to my life every twilight stage of each year. For 2014, I am going to review some of my favorite 2014 films that stunned me the most and probably convince you why you should see them next year, in case you haven’t.

First stop in the list is the short film Russian Roulette.

If there was any film that literally made me fall in love with it in the first few minutes, I have to say that this would be the winner of this year’s Sundance London Online Short Competition Jury Prize. With its total running time of 05:17, it is very impressive to think that Ben Aston and his team were able to put up a well-written story with such a short span of time. I was more impressed with the film when I learned that it was produced from a £50 budget. I couldn’t agree more with the video’s description that “the best effect your astro-short will ever need is a smart writer and great actors.” Well, I personally think that the best effect that any film would need are a good and resourceful director, smart writer and great actors. *clap clap clap*

Another film that wow-ed me this year was Gone Girl.

To be honest, when I first learned about Gone Girl, it did not gain my interest in watching it despite the fact that it was a David Fincher film a.k.a. the director of one of my favorite movies, The Social Network. I just realized that it seems to be a good film when I found its book (apparently, the film was based from Gillian Flynn’s known novel) in a bookstore and read its description at the back of it. Another factor that made me interested to watch the film was the stunning yet simple design of its poster which I really admire now.

The film surprised me a lot after watching it, alongside with the fact that I did not read the book before seeing the film. It was very different from what I was expecting that after realizing the whole story, I couldn’t help myself but to be amazed by Gillian Flynn’s work with the novel as well as with the film since she also played as a screenwriter for it. I was more surprised with the actors’ portrayals of each role most especially the two leading casts.

Gone Girl is probably one of those few movies that I am going to remember and a must-see film listed under the category of 2014. Don’t worry the trailer did not spoil the film. 🙂

The short film, Floating, is also one of the films that standouts for me among the rest of the hundreds of feature and short films I’ve watched throughout the entire year.

With its simple concept featuring a set of balloons, Floating is one of those films that really touched my heart with the emotions it brought to me. The film became better with a touch of significant and great photography that made it stunning.

Adding to the list is another short from Alex Bohs called Mum. 

For the record, Mum is one of those few movies that became my inspiration in directing my recent short Escape. This film is a manifestation of how text messages or other related medium of communication can be newly-portrayed in the big screen. Plus, the way on how the short was written was impressive. Frankly, when I was watching the film, I thought there was a problem with my computer’s audio but it turned out to be a part of the story. 🙂

Of course, I have to admit, if there was a movie this year that really made me laugh the most, I have to say that it was Hill and Tatum’s 22 Jump Street. I doubt that you haven’t seen this one.  

Who wouldn’t love that scene where Doug realizes that he was dating his boss’ daughter? This film completed my year with tons of laugh.

And lastly, to complete the list and satisfy your eyes’ craving for a film that is visually good and my movie for this year, here’s Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is the film that I really liked the most because of the beauty of its visual aesthetics. As a first timer in watching a Wes Anderson film and hearing a lot about him before, I have to confirm that he is good in what he is doing that made me to further realize the definition of a motion picture. This film of his is an epitome of how you should play with a shot. Furthermore, the humor that was incorporated in the film made the visuals better.

Others also say that the film contains subtle messages that only people who knows to read between lines, will be the only ones to appreciate –a film that does not spoon-feed the viewers with everything that they need to know.

Any thoughts?

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