A Message to Teens from Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Leave Her Teenage Years

Time flies so fast.

Time flies so damn fast.

Currently on my way in the last year of studying communication at the university, I realized how fast time passed in the preceding three years that it shocks and amazes me at the same time. About to turn 19 this coming May, I am aware of the fact that I still belong in the teenage group and that I still have a remaining year to enjoy the perks of being a teenager.

But disregarding the responsibilities that is being put on the shoulders of a typical adult such as paying taxes and working 8 hours every day and repeating the same routine on the following day, I am having doubts of departing from my teenage years because of the kind of experiences that I will not have once I entered into adulthood.

I hear many people say that a person’s teenage years is one of the best years that someone can experience in his life and, at last and finally, I can affirm this statement as a person stuck between living as a teenager and living as a young adult.

I think, they call it best because this is the period in your life where most of the “firsts” happens to you –first love, first kiss, first car, first period, first heartbreak and other firsts that you can typically and wildly think of. Teenage years is the period in a person’s life where he/she gains a deeper understanding of the world where he/she lives in. It is also during these years when someone develops their own perspective about life and what kind of person they would like to be and foresee in the future.

Those aforementioned thoughts made me realize how “magical” teenage years is. The latter seems to possess this invisible power that transforms an innocent little boy or little girl into a person who has the wildest dreams.

Furthermore, being carefree, living under the roof of your parents without minding the bills and expenses, eating any kind of food that you want without thinking of your health or any disorder, possessing the kind of energy that does not seem to fade out and is always at its climax, the best version of yourself being young and the most crazy things that you and your friends can ever do without seriously facing the consequences of it are just some of the things that teenage years only offers and probably the exact things that I will surely miss in the near future as an adult.

Truly, as evidenced by the mentioned proofs, teenage years is one of the best things that can happen to a person’s life and believe me, you wouldn’t realize how special this period is until you reach the twilight stage of this and look back at the amazing and some not-that-amazing things that had happened to you during these years.

Personally, my teenage years brought me many unexpected things that I probably still wouldn’t predict with my current age. I think, no matter how hard you try to predict the things that will happen to you during these years, you will realize how frustrating to do the latter and be just surprised with the experiences that it will offer to you instead.

So for teenagers out there, don’t fool yourself with the thought of wanting to be mature enough and get a proper job so you can afford to buy all the material things that you want. If I were you, I will enjoy this carefree interlude of my life and reflect on Peter Pan’s urge of not wanting to grow up.

Any thoughts?

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