Life is unfair

Yes, life is unfair, in case you’re not aware.

As we all know, life is composed of only two types of people –the rich and the poor. I have known this truth as early as I started watching TV dramas that includes the poor as the protagonist and the rich as the antagonist or the poor girl falling in love with the rich boy.

To be frank, as everybody else does, I envy the rich in terms of the possession they have; the kinds of possession and luxury that only tons of money can provide. But later on, I realized that I am not just envy with their ability to buy these expensive possessions but as well as the opportunities that they have –opportunities such as studying in a very good institution, traveling to many places and even getting better job opportunities. They seem to have all the good opportunities right inside their hands.

Let me paint you a better picture of what I am trying to say.

Have it ever crossed your mind why most business processing outsourcing centers are composed of working students that came from the middle and lower classes? Well, this is the question that struck me after thinking about the possibility of getting into a student jock program of this popular FM station.  Considering the fact that both field of work require speaking abilities and disregarding the choice of employment of the three social classes, why is it that there is a greater probability for a rich student to get hired as a jock compared to the probability of a student who belong to the middle or lower class?

Well, here is my theory that I would like to deliver as a query: What does a product of a state university can say against all these private universities and colleges that require thousands of peso in able for you to get in?

People from the middle and lower classes may defend themselves with various arguments as their answers to the question but no matter how good and strong that arguments will be, we must face the truth that we are no match against the sons and daughters of the capitalists of the country.

Just to make things clear, I don’t have a grudge against rich people because there are some that I know have good and friendly hearts but with the thought and perception that you can have a better life when you are rich, it makes me sad every time I try to tell to myself that I need to become successful in order for me to have plenty of money and be given the chance to be exposed to these kind of better experiences. It makes me want to ask if there was any chance for life to be fair to someone who is not fortunate enough to be considered as a member of the rich class.

Personally, I don’t want to be a member of the rich class. I don’t want to be driven by money –I don’t want my life to be driven by money. My goal is to create a life that will allow me to eat at the table three times a day and live a life full of extraordinary experiences. But with the inevitable fact that money plays a vital role in the survival of a person in this world, it is hard and difficult not to target financial stability in your future plans.

Ironic it may seem but this is the reality –this is the world (,self).

Sometimes I wish we can go back to the nomadic times when everything was simple.


Any thoughts?

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