7/3/2015 Road Trip

There’s something really amazing and fascinating about road trips done in the middle of night while most people are asleep. Aside from the fact that you get to own the entire road that is busy during the day, you get to see the beauty of the city from the temporary silence and stillness of the people making it. And as you turn the volume of the radio up, accelerate the speed of the car that you are driving and hear the laughter of your friends, you suddenly feel the rising feeling in your chest as you watch all of these along with the city lights playing with the night’s darkness –the feeling of excitement –the feeling of happiness –the feeling of being alive – that probably stems from the idea that you have never felt this kind of happiness before or from the belief that you are watching a very beautiful scenery that only a few people could see every night.

Well that feeling. That is the kind of feeling that I want to feel for most of my life –the feeling of being alive.


Any thoughts?

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