2015 Thoughts

Ever since I started this blog in 2013 (and regular readers may already know this), it has become a tradition for me to come up with a post that recalls the things that have happened to me in the whole year that ranges from my best moments to my favourite songs of the year. Typically, this reminiscing comes with the list of films that really amused me a lot, however, to prevent myself from being biased and putting the entire Harry Potter film series in this post, I decided to exclude this part of this year’s review since there hasn’t been much time for me to watch many films as well because I was busy with thesis writing.

Nonetheless, this year’s review focuses on the different realizations that life has taught me throughout the year –thoughts which, I personally consider as the very things that life and God wanted me to learn; some thoughts which, I think will also inspire other people for the next year.

  1. “… Love is the pain that you feel when you see the person that you love get hurt.”— 5/23/2015

It is not the betrayal; it’s the pain.

This realization is the last portion of the entry that I wrote in my ‘Book of Thoughts’ last May 23rd and my favourite among the rest.

Ever since I came across with the question, “What is love?” in my classmate’s slam book in 5th grade, I started asking myself about the real definition of love. Generally, love is universal. It is not defined, it is felt as I have said before. But I know that this definition is not enough to convince me that love is just a feeling. It must be something “greater than you and I “as Jodi Picoult described in her book Between the Lines. Thus, it felt like an achievement for me to realize a meaningful definition for love derived from a personal event in my life –an achievement that clears the fog that love is just a feeling.

  1. “Reality is not the worse one; expecting is.”—5/22/2015

Typically, we are blinded by the idea that our expectations are better than the things that are real which, makes us worse. We worsen our situation by believing that these expectations would be met when in reality, the things that we currently have should be the things that we should believe in.

Among the rest, I think, this is the realization that 2015 is trying to teach me. I should expect less because most of the time, the unexpected is better. There’s no reason for expecting if you are uncertain about a particular thing. You’re just being too hard on yourself—you’re making yourself suffer from things that don’t exist. Have some self-love.

  1. “When you wake up, you should not motivate yourself to get up from bed because of someone or something, you should motivate yourself with the thought that you need to become someone better than you were yesterday.”—7/9/2015

We, people are so used to meeting deadlines that it becomes our motivation in our everyday lives. We go to school regularly so when we reach our 20s, we can have a job. We do work every day so when payday arrives we will have money in our hands. Why is it that most people don’t perceive these everyday tasks as an instrument to improve their selves? Doing that school project will help us be more patient; negotiating with clients will improve our social skills; reviewing for that big exam will help you learn more about the economy; doing that design task given by your boss will help you extend your designing skills.

Life nowadays isn’t about improving ourselves anymore, life is about acquiring more and more money so we can buy the things that we want. No wonder why most people don’t even know the definition of integrity.

  1. “Maybe some things in life are meant to be, it’s not just supposed to stay or last.”—10/1/2015

This is what I can assure you, everything that has happened to you was meant to be, however, our idea of these things staying for a long time is incorrect.

Society taught us that if something is meant for you, it is expected that it will be yours forever –partially correct but partially incorrect as well. Maybe you and that person that you met a few months ago were meant for each other but it can be not as well. Maybe he is just supposed to stay for a while because God is using him to teach you a valuable lesson.

Any thoughts?

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