8 Must-Have Apps That One Should Try Next

More and more apps are being released as time goes on and they get more and more amazing as well. Aside from the “mandatory apps” that should be found in a smart phone (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), here are some other *cool* apps that you should put in your phone.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid advertisement. The following were included based on my judgment.

1. EyeEm – Camera & Photo Filter

This app is almost similar to Instagram for, aside from the different filters it offers, it also has its own community where you can share your photos. The difference, though, EyeEm also lets users to sell their photos.

unnamed (5)IMG_20160515_024805IMG_20160515_024832

Personally, I think the app is very convenient to use and its filters are one of the best. I remember removing the app from my phone once and ended up installing it again because it got all the things that I needed in editing a photo. It is one of the longest apps I have in my phone and the first thing I use for my photos. EyeEm is a one-stop photo editing app. No wonder why this app is among the Editor’s Choice in Play Store.

2. Boomerang from Instagram

Instagram is great and when they brought Boomerang into life, it had become greater. This app lets a user press a *magical* button and loops the first 10 photos taken back and forth. Perfect for taking pictures of fireworks and other scenarios that makes you want to GIF-phy.


When I first used Boomerang and saw the result, there was a thrill from using it and every time I’ll use the app, there is the same feeling. I think this is one of the characteristics of a good app, it will always give you that feeling of thrill no matter how long you have been using it–just like love. (HUGOT!)

3. Filterloop

Filterloop is a photo editing app that features a good number of filters. It also let users to manually edit their photos with the aid of the photo editing tools that comes with the app. Recommended for those who want to explore other filters aside from the ones from Instagram and the above mentioned, EyeEm.


Typically, I use Filterloop when I feel that my photo isn’t suited to the different filters offered by EyeEm. In addition, I personally love the design of the app.

4. Daylio – Diary–Mood Tracker

If you are the one who wants to record the things that you have done throughout the entire day but is too lazy or doesn’t have the time to write an entry into your journal, Daylio is the perfect app for you. This diary-mood tracker gives a list of daily activities and lets users to enter and record the different activities that they have done in the entire day. The app also allows users to enter an activity that isn’t included in the list. In addition, Daylio tracks one’s mood by asking a person’s general mood everyday with the options “rad”, “good”, “meh”, “fugly” and “awful”. The app, then, tallies the different activities and moods a person have entered and creates a statistics of the most entered option.


Personally, I think, Daylio, is one of those few apps that were crafted well. When I first learned about it, I was actually doubtful of the app’s idea of recording one’s activities every day without the use of several sentences. But upon using the app, I have proven myself wrong. I really like the idea that, at the end of month, you can have an overview of the different moods that you have felt and what kept you busy most of the time.

5. Metal for Facebook and Twitter

Not a fan of the Facebook and Twitter apps because of the too much space it take? The Metal app got your back. This app offers users both a Facebook and Twitter app without taking too much memory space. Both apps are offered in its mobile versions.

unnamed (1)IMG_20160515_024432IMG_20160515_024607

6. Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

Both a lyrics and music player app, Musixmatch offers users the convenience of listening to music and reading its lyrics at the same time. The app also allows users to read lyrics using other music apps (including YouTube) through its Floating Lyrics feature. Musixmatch other features include LyricsCard which allows users to create a card bearing a line from a particular song and share it to social media platforms and the lyrics identifier feature of the app that ‘listens’ to a song to identify lyrics.

unnamed (2)IMG_20160515_024411IMG_20160515_024351

Musixmatch is one of the best apps out there. It is very convenient and its one time need for Internet connection to come up with lyrics further makes it the best. A must-have for music lovers and to people who love to sing.

7. Pi Music Player

Another music app, Pi Music Player resembles a music player similar to Spotify. The only difference is, a user doesn’t need an Internet connection nor a premium account to play music indefinitely. It also automatically adopts the playlists created using the system’s music app.

unnamed (3)IMG_20160515_024319IMG_20160515_024240

The Pi Music Player is a miracle and a heaven for someone like me who is in love with Spotify’s music player. It is probably the best music player app I have tried and its UI design is amazing.

8. AcDisplay

Last but definitely not the least, AcDisplay. This lockscreen app gives users a minimalist lockscreen look and a new way of handling notifications in one’s phone screen. AcDisplay features a quick look at notifications by tapping on an icon on the screen.

unnamed (4)Screenshot_2016-05-15-01-20-21Screenshot_2016-05-15-01-20-37

This app is another answer from the heavens after trying out so many lockscreen apps. I really like the clean and simple design of the app and, of course, how it handles the received notifications.


Any thoughts?

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