An Unpopular Opinion About Adults

Several days ago, I tweeted a tweet which says, “Slowly learning how to adult. I got a long way to go,” which apparently states that I finally gave in to the idea of being an adult. But after some encounters with these “adults”, I realized that I don’t want to become one of them –once again.


Months ago, I have written about my fear towards entering into adulthood in a blog post and now, as a part of the unemployed group of this ‘adult world’, I have finally realized the reasons why homogenizing yourself in these bulk of adults is not a good idea.

I have heard many of them said the phrase “Kids nowadays are blah blah blah” as if they are someone who knows everything so well. To make myself clear, I am not doubting the experiences that these adults had in their lives but speaking of experience itself, haven’t they gotten the experience of being struck by the realization to correct some of their distorted way of thinking after all this time?

Society seems to accept the fact that anything that does or comes out of the mouth of an adult is correct disregarding how bad the action or opinion is. In the local Filipino cultural setting, children are taught not to question this action/opinion and instead instil to their minds that it is better to listen to the words of wisdom that the adult is lecturing. But what if the adult’s action or opinion is actually incorrect? What if they have viewed a certain thing in the wrong direction? Who is going to tell them that they are preaching the wrong thing to their children?

After some series of events and encounters I came to the conclusion that some adults are judgmental, self-centred, undisciplined, know-it-all wannabe and hypocrites. Our teachers in school had taught us to throw wastes in the garbage bin but people are throwing away wrappers of their candies on the ground or outside of a jeepney’s window. We were taught not to judge a book by its cover yet people seem to fool their selves with the idea that when someone goes to work in a well-known company equates to he/she being paid well. Our parents always tell that they want the best for us yet they forced you to attend medical school though you are passionate for arts. Adults keep on saying that kids nowadays are rude and disrespectful yet fail to see who should really be blamed for their children’s aggressive actions.

I am guessing that these things are repeatedly done by adults because they weren’t given the chance to realize and correct their wrong perspective and only a few people actually questions or challenges it. I am also guessing that all of these wrong doings may also stem from the fact that when an adult was younger, he/she may started believing in the wrong perspective such as the belief that when he/she is called an adult, everything that he/she knows will be considered correct because of his seniority.

The end result of the aforementioned? A catastrophe as I would like to describe it. Who is the one who commits adultery? Who is the one hits his wife? Who is the one who have stolen the money of the taxpayers? Who is the one who is alcoholic? Who is the one who have just bought a new car despite the traffic and air pollution that it is going to cause in the city? I guess it’s not the kids.

This is one of the many things that society doesn’t want to hear because it is the ugly truth. Adults fail to see that they are exact people who makes this world worse every day and not just the politicians that they see in their TVs. And their children –they are going to be the next ones if they are not going to correct this distorted perspective. Fucked up world, isn’t it?


Any thoughts?

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