Trying Signature Dishes at Brad and Pit’s Ribshack & Diner on 16th

One of the good things about being an adult (as I have recently discovered and as most people say (#adulting)) is pay day. It’s not just because you get to hold the money you worked for after 15 consecutive days but it is also because you instantly acquire the ability to spoil yourself with things that you think you deserve after working your ass off five times a week. And as for me, I personally believe that I deserve to treat myself by eating different kinds of food that I don’t usually eat on a tight daily budget. So recently, tagging along a friend, I visited one of the popular places in the city which is visited for its good food and it is none other than Kapitolyo.

Kapitolyo is one of those places which I am really looking forward to visit because of the variety of food that its restaurants offer to the public. And finally I had the chance to slightly tick this off in my to-do list by trying two restaurants that can be found here: Brad and Pit’s Ribshack and Diner on 16th.

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack is a walking distance if you are going to enter Kapitolyo through its entrance in front of Capitol Commons. You can easily spot the place with the restaurant’s name visibly displayed outside. Upon entering, you can easily feel the vibe of the restaurant because of its interior design. One can say that it is a place for people who like to spend the evening with friends and with some booze. Personally, I liked the chalkboard walls with different doodles and calligraphic quotations written on it. The place also has different hangings attached onto the ceiling with different funny quotations which, one can take a time to read while waiting for his food.

My friend and I tried one of the restaurant’s known dishes which is the Ribs Combo that comes in its original and spicy flavors. We both ordered these two so we can taste both dish and compare its difference. The waiting time before the dishes were served was not that long.

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Freshly served Original and Spicy Barbie Ribs Combo of Brad and Pit’s Ribshack (Photo by yours truly)

When the dishes arrived, I was kind of disappointed with the presentation mainly because I am always expecting that restaurants will present something that will impress me. Nevertheless, the food itself was good. I like the tenderness of the meat and the sauce covering the dish (especially the spicy flavor one). It also has a serving of chopped carrots and corn at the side to partner the ribs. The served rice was not enough for me though, considering that I am fonder of consuming rice rather than eating the dish so when I finished it, I still have a lot of ribs to chew on. I think the dish is good for people who are mahilig pumapak ng ulam as they say in Filipino.

The difference between the taste of the Original Ribs Combo and the Spicy Barbie Ribs is not that distinct until you finished chewing the meat of the Spicy Barbie and taste the spiciness. However, it’s not that spicy as what those people who dislike spicy foods may have imagined. I think this flavor is perfect with a beer on the side.

The price of the Ribs Combo is not that bad (P149). Considering the size of the dish, I can say that it deserves its price and can classify it as something inexpensive. You’ll not leave the establishment disappointed since this dish will not fail your tummy.

Overall, I think the Rib Combo of Brad and Pit’s Ribshack is good though it isn’t the kind of dish I would describe to someone as a must-try if they happen to pass by Kapitolyo. However, if you want to try the other American and Latin American-inspired dishes available in their menu, you can find this casual dining restaurant at 35 East, Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

Second stop in our list is an American diner-inspired restaurant called Diner on 16th. Located near Ace Water Spa, I have to say that we had a slightly hard time locating this hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

Upon entering, I was kind of surprised of the actual size of the place because I was expecting it to be bigger as what it looked like in photos online. In addition, the interior design of the place did not really give me that American diner vibe, if you’re going to ask me. However, it looked like the restaurant itself knew about my impressions and surprised me with the signature food that they offer which will come next.

Diner on 16th is known for its milkshakes so we ordered one of its bestsellers which is called the S’Mores Milkshake which costs P160. I personally think that this price is not that expensive compared to other restaurants’ pricing with less servings. So I felt my money’s worth when they served us the milkshake with an overflowing chocolate syrup (Yum!).

Mouthwatering S’mores Milkshake of Diner on 16th (Photo by yours truly)

Taking my first sip of the milkshake is my favorite part of our visit in this restaurant. I did not only like its taste but I loved it. I really like the milky vanilla taste of the milkshake because it reminded me of the most delicious ice cream flavor I’ve tasted. The s’more, graham crackers and the overflowing chocolate syrup are all perfect as partners for the milkshake. However, a word of caution should be advised as this beverage can be a little messy if you’re the kind of person like me who doesn’t care what she looks like while enjoying a meal.

Generally, I think Diner on 16th’s S’mores Milkshake is probably the best milkshake in town and the very thing I am going to recommend you to try if you find yourself in Kapitolyo soon.

If you want to try the other milkshakes and dishes available in their menu, you can find Diner on 16th at 16 United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Tip: Its location is across Ace Water Spa and not along its side.

Got a favorite restaurant you want me to try? Share your thoughts below and help me find my next stop in my next food trip.


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