Back in the 50s with Boutique Burger Kitchen

When someone says diner, I couldn’t help myself but to let my itchy feet lead and take me to the address of the place and order the signature dishes that it is known for. I am so enthusiastic with this kind of dining place that I am willing to travel hundreds of kilometers just to have the ultimate diner experience. Though I did not travel that far (yet) to visit this new diner-inspired restaurant, it did not fail to give me the feeling of being transported in the US back in the 50s.

Opened just last March, Boutique Burger Kitchen (BBK) is the newest addition to my list of American-diner inspired restaurants in the country. From the name itself, the place prides itself with their not-so-typical burgers that have patties that are as thick as the last pocket book you’ve read.

Boutique Burger Kitchen's Interior
BBK’s diner-inspired interior dominated by the color light blue.

Contrary to the stereotypical black and white tiles and red retro stools, BBK is dominated with the color light blue starting from their counter down to their ACs. The place was accentuated with  different vintage collection hanged on one side of the restaurant and was enlarged with huge mirrors on the other. There were also two TV screens hanged above the counter that played some episodes of Popeye and sets of tables and chairs outside for al fresco dining.

Vintage Side
Aside from its vintage wall hangings, the place also features an antique slot machine.

Aside from the usual American food served in diners, BBK stepped up its game by adding rice meals, craft sodas and beer in their menu. They even have a selection of wine for people who want to chill at the place. For our first time, we decided to skip the wine section and go for the Classic Cheeseburger (₱280) and Mac and Cheese (₱180) as our entrée and their Vanilla Milkshake (₱180) and Homemade Lemon Iced Tea (₱80) to wash it all down. Surprisingly, the foods were served quickly after several minutes (around 10 minutes or so).

Homemade Lemon Iced Tea
BBK’s not-so-typical iced tea.

Starting with the beverages, the place’s Lemon Iced Tea surprised me. With the generous serving, I was amazed on how big an 80 peso-iced tea looked considering the other expensive ones that I’ve tasted before but served in smaller sizes. Its almost authentic iced tea taste is perfect that it resembled a similar taste of that of a lemonade. Kudos to the actual lemon that came with it.



The Vanilla Milkshake, on the other hand, surprised me in a different way. As a fan of milkshakes, I am used to tasting the sweet ones up to sweetest of them all, but BBK’s made me doubt about my definition of the drink. I found the milkshake bland and hardly tasted any sweetness from it which, personally disappointed me. Nonetheless, the drink was thick and genuinely made out of ice cream.

Mac and Cheese
The best mac and cheese I’ve tasted in town!

Down on to the entrée, BBK’s Mac and Cheese is another surprise. Typically, I find most mac and cheese from restaurants disappointing because none of them really commits to the idea of the dish tasting and being cheesy. But BBK’s take on the dish is a different story.  With the taste and cheese on check, BBK’s own mac and cheese comes with bacon pieces that elevated the experience on to an entire new different level. It doesn’t give a person that umay feeling that most restaurants do plus, it comes with a big generous serving that is best shared by two people. Probably the best I’ve tasted in town.

Classic Cheeseburger
BBK’s take on the Classic Cheeseburger.

The Classic Cheeseburger, on the other hand, did not share the same judgment from me. Specializing in burgers, I expected a lot from BBK’s line of hamburgers by ordering the most basic among all of them and it turned out to be far from what I was thinking. The patty was uniquely thick but I did not found its taste to be the “best burger in town”. The combination of the grilled patty along with the cheese and their homemade ketchup did not produce the kind of taste that I was looking for a perfect burger. Nevertheless, the buns that came with it is the softest I’ve ever encountered and the decent serving is enough to fill a grumbling stomach for several hours.

Classic Cheeseburger's Ketchup
Their burgers are also made up of American cheese, homemade ketchup and Hokkaido milk buns.

Generally, my first visit at BBK was a good experience. The combined vintage and modern atmosphere of the place made me feel of the diner experience that I was looking although it wasn’t exactly the setting I have in mind. The foods were generally good and are an epitome if one is craving for something familiar and different at the same time while the staff was friendly and provided good service to customers. The small downside of the place for me was the price of the foods. I found the dishes in the menu expensive but considering the generous serving that they laid in front of me and the location of their restaurant, I’ll let BBK pass on this part.

Seems like the restaurant is not originally abbreviated as BBK.

If you want to experience and have a taste of their menu, you can find Boutique Burger Kitchen at The Fort Strip, 28th St. cor. 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

My mother enjoying the lemon iced tea. (Love how her top contrasted with the place’s color.)

Any thoughts?

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