Okay, to be honest, I am uncertain if the “About” page should focus on the blog or the author but nevertheless, I’m going to do one for both.


So, hi! I’m Andrea and I’m from the Philippines. Oh God, I suck at describing myself.

Well, as you can notice, this isn’t the typical formal “About” page that you see on other blogs. And believe it or not, these are the exact words that my mind is telling me to type right now and I feel as if I’m Jesse Eisenberg tapping on his keyboard in The Social Network while there is a voice over narrating all my thoughts.

Nonetheless, going back to myself  (that sounds very self-centered ugh)  I am a graduate of Broadcast Communication at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and currently working as a video content producer and content marketing associate for a local online magazine. I like films also the way on how we make films which is called filmmaking. I also like visual arts such as graphic designing and sometimes sharing my opinions and views about the world. Actually, I like anything that doesn’t involve math and snakes.

I named this blog Graphic Wanderlust because of my desire to share, not just only my travel experiences to the virtual world but as well as my real life experiences in being a member of this society through narrative or through the use of recorded light (a.k.a. pictures). Hopefully,  I can inspire and influence some people and initiate change to this world through my own little way.

I guess that’s not bad for an about page.


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